How to make your Eliquid Last Longer

01. December 2016 E-Liquid 0

Don’t waste your money when vaping! There are a few ways that you can make sure that the eliquid you are using lasts as long as it possibly can and putting those ideas to work is a good idea. Want to know how to make your eliquid last longer? Here are a few of the best tips to use when you wish to get more liquids without spending more of your hard-earned money.


Seal Tightly

Keep the liquid that you have purchased in the original container if you can and make sure that it is sealed tightly. If you do not seal the lid tightly, air is going to get inside and cause it to evaporate quickly.

Store it Properly

Storing eliquids properly is important. They should be stored in a dark away that is cool but not cold. It should be away from other things as well.

Buy in Smaller Quantity

Remember that you can get great deals on bulk liquid, but if you are unable to use them in a timely manner, it isn’t a deal at all. Even when buying amounts other than bulk, make sure that you do not go overboard and purchase more than what you can use.

Share with a Friend

If you have a friend that enjoys vaping, why not buy your liquids together? This gives you both a chance to try new flavors and in the process also enjoy a bit of savings that you’re both sure to enjoy. What could be better?

With the above tips in use, prolonging the lifetime of your liquids for vaping is not only possible, but easy to do. Make sure that you do not spend more of your hard-earned money than necessary and use these tips. You will be glad that you did!