Open or Closed Headphones?

29. November 2016 Headphones 0

When it comes to headphones, there are two major considerations you have to make if you want to get the pair that is going to suit you the most. And the most important quality that can differentiate two pairs of headphones, even though they make look the same, is whether or not they are open or closed. What does open or closed mean in terms of headphones? The concept is simple: open headphones will leak sound while the closed ones will not. If you have ever come across someone wearing headphones, but you can still hear some of their music or audio, it means they are using open headphones.

Now you may wonder – why would someone ever get open headphones? Surely the point of headphones is that no one can hear what you are doing? The idea is present because open headphones are really fantastic at reproducing natural and even sounding music and audio. They also have a much larger sound set. However, they are not really useful unless you are in your own home and you are listening to music or watching a movie through these headphones. For instance, you may enjoy the sound you get from headphones, but since you are at home, you do not have to worry about anyone listening in.

Closed headphones are the typical headphones you will see most people owning. They will still give you really good sound, especially if you get a top class model, but you will not have to worry about anyone being able to hear what you are listening to. You can comfortably wear them on the bus or subway or in the library and you are not going to run into any issues. So make sure you do not get open headphones if you plan on using them in a public space.